Drag Bikes

A drag bike is a specialist type of sports motorcycle that is used in drag bike racing. Drag bike racing evolved in the USA from a form of road racing. Here young people with souped up cars would race down a straight stretch of road in a town using traffic lights as starting points. The aim here was to go as fast as possible on a specific straight stretch of road.


As drag racing evolved into a sport many people started racing drag bikes instead of cars and races are now held on specially designed circuits or on private property. Unlike regular motorcycles drag bikes are specially designed to be able to cope with fast speeds over a short straight stretch.

The standard drag bike needs to be specially constructed to give an initial high burst of speed and constant acceleration. A drag bike will only have one wheel gripping the track which makes handling these bikes even more difficult given the speeds that they travel at.

State of the art drag bikes will race in Top Fuel races. These bikes can reach speeds of over 200mph in less than five seconds. The acceleration speeds of these bikes means that they need to have some kind of wheel strut structure at their rear to compensate for the pull that lifts the bike’s front wheel of the ground. The fact that the front wheel is not gripping the track means that the only way for a rider to balance and steer the drag bike is to use his or her body. This makes drag bikes some of the most exciting racing bikes around at the moment.